Our Mission Statement

Our approach to the management strategy of any single family home construction project is diluted to its simplest form, build it the way it is meant to be built.

The process we implement on every project to achieve our goal, is to have an environment that encourages clients to explore their visions, dare to design an environment where they will fulfill their needs and create a living space that embodies quality of living.

Unlike traditional builder, we provide our clients with our "HouseBook". This document is a complete report of how your house was built, what's in it and how it all interacts. In the "HouseBook" you can virtually see through walls, under the house, floors by floors and quickly refer to any user guides of virtually all your equipment, with hundreds of pictures that detail every corner of your house.

We build houses that people understand. We build them with pride and attention to our clients' needs, we do so by creating a project environment where everyone involved understands and respects the value of your investment.  

Our clients our proud of working with Praxis, but more importantly, they are proud of their new homes.