Toronto Custom Home Builder

Our approach to the management strategy of any single family home construction project is diluted to its simplest form, build it the way it is meant to be built.

The process we implement on every project to achieve our goal, is to create a working environment for all trades and professionals, that is conducive to motivate achievements of quality within a reasonable timeline and costs.

Budgeting costs for any size of homes can be a daunting exercise for any client. Establishing the costs of any given stages of construction is more than just about price, it is about understanding the systematic procedures of the various phases. 

Prices submitted can often be misleading and too often people are led to the lowest quotes without realizing what is offered, what services they will get and the hidden expenses that will inevitably creep up.

It isn’t unusual to see budgets balloon by as much as thirty percent or more due to a lack of proper diligence. 

What usually seems as great savings more often than not, transform budgets into replicas of failed intent.

At Praxis, the company is guided by Daniel M. Deilgat and Sylvia E. Colbert. Dan has well over twenty five years of experience in the construction of Customs Homes. Throughout his career Dan was fortunate to work on some of Toronto’s most exclusive homes with some of the most reliable and recommended builders in the GTA.

The single most significant lesson that Sylvia and Daniel have learned over the years is that the best relationship are based on clarity. 

Questions asked must be answered as suddenly as they are conveyed and leave no doubt.

Praxis thrives on providing timely information and expertise because we believe that an inform client is a satisfied client.

Our mission is to achieve value through quality. We do that by creating and sustaining a culture of favourable and positive project management and execution. 

We go beyond the numbers and we value our associated trades and professionals as much as we do clients.

Our clients our proud of working with Praxis, but more importantly, they are proud of their new homes.